How To Be Liked

Everyone wants to be Liked. Let's go a step further. Most of us also want to be loved and adored. If we didn't think we were already lovable and adorable, we would have already changed. Hate to break it to almost all of you, you are likely modestly likable and far from being adorable and lovable. Now before you disagree and get all bent out of shape, let me explain what I mean. I have met over 50,000 people in my life. That's like filling up an entire baseball stadium. A lot of people, to say the least. It has taken me decades of keen observation to observe when I am really liked or just modestly liked. Here are the 5 cornerstones of how I am liked, and how you will be liked, by most people:

1) Listen - People enjoy someone that will lend an ear. Everyone has something they want to discuss. If you listen, people will continue to gravitate to you

2) Empathize - People want to know that you care. If you care about them, they will care about you. Most people are modestly empathetic, if at at all.

3) Offer free help. Help someone when they obviously could use your expertise. People love others that are generous with their time and skills.

4) Communicate regularly with people. I personally like those best that check up on me and send me warm messages that I didn't expect.

5) Be Complimentary. We all want to know that we are appreciated for something that we are or have done. Most people are stingy with compliments,

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