Lessons from a Former Worrier

Updated: May 14, 2020

How to transfOrm from a nervous wreck to a fearless Warrior

Once Upon a Time I worried about everything. I worried about #winning. I worried about about #losing. I worried about what I said. I worried about what I didn't say.

DO you worry all or most of the Time?

“What doesn't kill you makes your #stronger.”

Where did all of this worry get me? Did it save my life? Nope. Create more opportunities? Nope. Make me more friends? Nope. Make me look more like a Dope? Yes! Worry does nothing except diminish you. Your opponent can smell worry a mile away and no one respects a worrier. They tale advantage of your weakness and ram it right down your throat. Your mind needs to #focus wholly on a #successful outcome. When worry seeps in, you lose focus, adrenaline pumps into your body and you are now physically and mentally compromised? For what? Your worry isn't going to change anything for the better, but will for the worse. Take it from me. A PH.D graduate in #worry. That made me Dr. Worry.

Dr. Worry No More

I have lost numerous opportunities from worry. I worried about being rejected by asking or a date. Guess what happened? I didn't ask...I didn't get. I worried about the plane crashing. It never did...but my head throbbed after every flight. I worried about failure, so I often never started or never completed a project. I worried about winning, so I played it safe with a "be careful what you wish for" attitude. I worried about raising my hand in class lest my classmates think my question was stupid. The only ignorance in a question is not asking it when you really need an answer.

What Now? What Me Worry?

“Worry does not take away tomorrow's troubles; it takes away today's peace.”

There is no value in worry unless a brontosaurus or raptor is chasing you down, and that will only happen in your dreams, and not likely even then. Should you worry if you are staring down the barrel of a gun pointed at you...I will give you that. But that is not what we are talking about and that is not where most worry comes from. The sooner you start to expect and feel that you have earned a positive outcome, the healthier, happier and more successful you will be. What now? Like Alfred E. Neuman used to say (I know I am giving away my age) "What ME Worry? It took me decades to get what ole Alfie was saying. Now, I feed on rejection, and I am a Grand Master at getting rejected. I have a black belt in hearing "No." And that gives me a black belt in hearing "Yes." I take more chances. I don't focus on "worst case scenario"...I know you can relate to that one. And that's the point. What ME Worry? Not any more! Goodbye Dr. Worry, hello Dr. #Peace of Mind! #success #happy #achieve #happiness #mindset

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